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Virtual tour through a transformer station

For the large transmission grid operator Amprion from Dortmund, schnurstracks gestaltung und interaktion was commissioned to photograph a virtual tour of a transformer station in the Rhineland in 360° and to programme it with krpano. In their first year of apprenticeship, Amprion's technical trainees should be familiarised with the environment and components of the substation as early as possible, even before their first visit to the site - and this should be done safely, interactively and realistically on a computer or tablet. A virtual tour with photographed 360° x 180° panoramas in high resolution is ideal for this demanding task and increases the acceptance of young people to deal with the safety-relevant topics in a substation in a playful way. In this 360° tour, clickable hotspots are used to convey safety-relevant information and explain individual plant components. An integrated quiz with technical questions on a multiple-choice basis, which tests the knowledge of the technical details in the respective panorama image, monitors the learning progress of the trainees. The quiz progress and success of the users is constantly visible in the margin as text. The training supervisor is informed by e-mail after all questions have been answered and can thus track the individual learning success of the trainees. This large virtual tour with 29 spherical panoramas including an aerial panorama in 360°x180° marks another milestone in e-learning with 360° panoramic photographs and is successfully used in training and personnel development at Amprion.

Das Herzstück einer Umspannanlage ist der Transformator | Virtuelle Tour mit Quiz und Textinfos
The heart of a transformer station: the transformer | Virtual tour with quiz and text information
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