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Virtual reality for trade shows

Modern exhibition stands demand interactive presentation forms. I develop individual, multimedia and immersive virtual reality applications for your trade fair stand. Do you still need a virtual tour of your company? I'll help you … Read More »Virtual reality for trade shows


Vertragsfotograf 2010–12 | 2021-24 … beim Deutschen Bundestag nach gewonnener Ausschreibung in der Kategorie 360°-Panoramafotografie. Panoramafotografien von Bundestagsausschüssen, Plenarsitzungen und Architektur.


Virtual Tour of the State Parliament in Wiesbaden – Production of high-resolution, interactive 360°x180° panoramic photographs from the parliament building in Wiesbaden. Programming a virtual tour with 24 locations. Read More »HESSIAN STATE PARLIAMENT