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Stitching and krpano

You are a photographer and you are commisioned to create an interactive panorama or a virtual tour, but would like to outsource the postprocessing (image optimization, dynamic range increase, stitching, retouching, programming) to an experienced professional? Then you've come to the right place. I can also provide you with support and a panoramic photography workshop zur Panoramic photography anbieten, damit Sie Ihren Kunden die höchstmögliche Qualität liefern können.

Here you can see an example for my support in postprocessing (RAW development, stitching) and in the krpano coding of the virtual tour for the photographer Franz Frieling from Nordhorn: Grafschafter churches in 360°

Stitching eines sphärischen Panoramafotos ganz ohne Stitchfehler ist Arbeit, die sich aber lohnt …

Panoramic photography and VR –

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