Virtual Tour

Linking a multitude of interactive, high-resolution 360 ° panoramic photographs with a spatial relationship to each other, gives users the impression of moving around in this space. Read More »Virtual Tour


Spherical panoramas at the REMONDIS Lippe Plant on behalf of the Tafel mit Kollegen GbR, I photographed 14 high-resolution spherical panoramas for REMONDIS. Read More »RECYCLING


Friedrich Ebert Foundation – Manual of Human Rights Work CD-ROM 2007-08 – Screendesign and programming of the Adobe Director MX 2004 application "Manual of Human Rights Work" for CD-ROM (Mac OS X and Windows).


Cockpit CRJ-700 This spherical panorama from the inside of a Lufthansa cockpit I have on behalf of Quintinity for the pilot association Cockpit for the interactive representation of a typical pilot's workplace Read More »COCKPIT PANORAMA


Designing and coding of small websites – Consulting, Conception, Photography, Graphics, Animation, HTML Coding, SEO, CSS, WordPress Examples …


Contract photographer 2010-12 ... at the German Bundestag after winning the tender in the category 360° panoramic photography. Panoramic photographs of Bundestag committees, plenary sessions and architecture.


FotoTV. 2012-15 – DVD-ROM user interface, graphics, programming, hybrid mastering. Production of hybrid Adobe Director applications for DVD-ROM, running on Mac OS X and Windows. Topics: Introduction to Object Photography, Perfect Portraits ... Read More »DVD-ROM


Virtual Tour Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum – At ten stations with 360 × 180 degree panoramas you will get an insight into the world's largest computer museum in Paderborn.